USDA EMPP (Dalehead Foods)

Dalehead Foods (Tulip Ltd)

USDA EMPP (Dalehead Foods)

Dalehead Foods (Tulip Ltd)

"...well done on the new chiller. I was proud to be taken round as you were to see the thought and control and care you have taken. We will be justly proud to show this off to Waitrose in particular..." Saemus Rooney, MD Dalehead Foods.

Phase 1: Construction of two new amenity blocks to service the butchery and dirty slaughter elements of the existing abattoir. Both buildings are steel framed with feature cladding and curtain walling. They contain AC, ventilation, low energy lighting, photovoltaic panels and rainwater harvesting to reduce the environmental impact of the scheme.

Phase 2: Provides an extension to the pig slaughter hall to create a rapid pre-chill area with associated plant. The building contains electronically controlled rail work, coolers, condensers, a new transformer and insulated foodsafe construction elements.

Uniquely, the pre-chill area was constructed inside-out. The freezer floor was first, with underfloor heating using reclaimed heat from the ammonia system. Next was the secondary steelwork to support the process equipment and chillers, followed by the superstructure. This was due to coordination constraints between the existing columns, the dimensions of the new chillers (larger than the column centres) and the method of installing the chillers. Our main concerns were protecting the equipment from the elements and drying out the slab enough for the foodsafe flooring to be installed.

Technical Details

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Dalehead Foods (Tulip Ltd)


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Peter Haddon and Partners



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Project Completed

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