Anti-Corruption Policy Statement

We, at the Lindum Group Limited (the ‘Company’), are committed to honest and fair conduct in pursuit of our business objectives. We adopt a zero tolerance approach and will not engage in any improper activity that could amount to corruption or bribery.

The Bribery Act 2010 replaced existing criminal law relating to bribery and corruption. It remains an offence to offer or accept bribes, as it was under the previous bribery law, and the 2010 Act also created a new corporate offence of failing to prevent bribery.

Lindum Group has an Anti-Corruption Policy in pursuance of these objectives that applies to all employees and provides guidance on what amounts to bribery and corruption. It also outlines the Company’s procedures for declaring competing interests to prevent conflicts of interest from arising, as well as arrangements for the giving and accepting of gifts, hospitality and charitable donations on behalf of the Company.

We also require all other “associated persons” to take adequate steps to prevent bribery and comply with the Bribery Act 2010 and all other law in respect of bribery and corruption, including all contractors, consultants, suppliers, joint venture partners, agents and any other person associated with us or acting on our behalf. The Company will not enter into or continue business with any persons who fail to take adequate steps to prevent bribery or engage in any form of improper conduct or unlawful corruption.

If you have concerns regarding any conduct that is contrary to the Bribery Act or any other law relating to bribery and corruption, it is essential that you contact us without delay. This includes someone offering you or someone else a bribe, accepting a bribe or any form of improper conduct - by a Lindum employee or associated person.


"We are committed to the prevention of corruption and bribery and we adopt a zero tolerance approach."