Scape Framework

What is Scape?

SCAPE is an OJEU compliant Public-Sector Partnership started in 2006, which offers a suite of fully managed frameworks that are available to any public body in the UK. The Scape Regional Construction framework is a single source framework that allows clients to procure work in an effective and efficient way, whilst fulfilling and often bettering necessary Value for Money considerations and standards.

What are the key benefits?

Scape is a fully OJEU compliant procurement route for public sector organisations; benefits include: 

Fast OJEU compliant public sector procurement route

Market leading cost & time certainty: 100 projects delivered in the last 2 years 100% on time and budget, tendered public sector schemes are delivered late and/or over budget over 50% of the time (ref Glenigans).

Free feasibility reports provide clients with upfront advice on cost, time and risk

Reporting in the form of 22 Key Performance Indicators: Bi-annual audits ensure that Lindum up-hold our framework commitments.

Provides a ‘1 stop shop’ for all pre-construction & delivery activities: No requirement for client project management or QS teams and reduces client time needed too.

Delivers market leading Value for Money with added benefits such as Social Value & Local Economic outputs.

Risks are developed and reduced throughout the pre-construction process: Open-book & collaborative sub-contractor tender process ensures clients’ needs are considered throughout.

Client satisfaction questionnaires: Issued at the end of pre-construction and delivery stages, allowing you to score your experience.

Value for money

Lindum spent 12 months tendering to be part of the Scape framework. We were competing against other main contractors and won our place by offering best value to Scape and partnering authorities. The process means that Scape project costs are amongst the most competitive in the market. As well as pre-defined and competitive overhead and profit percentages, all project costs are market-tested.

How does it work in practice?

There are four principal stages: Feasibility, Pre-construction, Construction, Post-construction


Lindum will produce an initial Feasibility Report that will include key project considerations such as budget costs for surveys & design, lead times to start on site, budget costs for construction works, duration on site, advice on risk / contingency allowances by using our extensive in-house construction expertise. Best of all this is a free service! As client you will not make any financial or contractual commitment to benefit from this service and it should help you establish what is possible with your time and budget.


If our Feasibility Report aligns with your budget and programme requirements we will enter into a Pre-construction contract that allows us to arrange the necessary surveys & design work we need in order for us to market test our initial budget costs. This will only require you to make a financial and contractual commitment to the value of the pre-construction activities (surveys & design), not the full value of construction works.

Once we have the surveys completed and the designs developed we will then undertake a competitive tendering process for each of the supply-chain works packages and will produce a tender comparison document that allows us to work with you, in an open-book and collaborative way to select the most appropriate sub-contractors. The selected sub-contract quotations will be combined with our people costs to provide you with a robust fixed price for Delivery.


Assuming that we have been able to price the works in line with your budget and specification, only then do we require a financial and contractual commitment for the value of the construction works. This contract is usually based on a fixed price to give reassurance that we will not exceed your budget, but will also have some task specific risk items / contingency allowances that further protect your position, resulting in no financial or programme surprises.


We understand the needs of our clients. We know how important it is to complete our work to a zero defects standard before handing the building or rooms over for use. We also recognise the need for staff and building users to be trained on how to get the most from their new space. We therefore offer a soft-landing where each of the specialist supply-chain partners will take the time to demonstrate how to operate and maintain your new electrical installations, plumbing systems and new equipment. For any unforeseen issues that arise after handover we also commit a site manager to your project for 2 weeks after completion so we can react quickly to manage the situation.

Do I still need 3 quotes?

No. Lindum will undertake an open-book competitive tendering process for all of the sub-contract work packages and will provide at least 3 quotations on each that will allow us to demonstrate best value. Using our expertise and experience we will work with you and your stakeholders to validate that the supply-chain quotations align with our design and specification, providing you with a stress-free way to market test the works with the added assurance of our involvement. You also have the confidence knowing that the process is OJEU compliant.

Find out more

We’d be delighted to talk to you about a potential project or to discuss the procurement route in more detail, get in touch or speak to Scape directly via their website.