Siemens - New Offices

Siemens Real Estate Ltd

Siemens - New Offices

Siemens Real Estate Ltd

Conversion of an existing industrial space into commercial office accommodation.

Siemens converted a prominent part of its Lincoln Waterside site from heavy industrial operations into a high spec office facility. Their corporate designers provided internal features such as curved red office hubs and ‘think tanks’ which have been incorporated into the scheme.

The facade has been completely transformed with the addition of louvre blades, to conceal the existing gable roof line, and a modern walling/glazing system.

Working on a live site is a challenge we enjoy as it provides opportunities to work well with our client. On this project we had to carry out piling behind a new wall within a live production facility. After the first test pile, we found that it was causing microscopic irregularities on the client’s product and to carry on we liaised closely with them to time our activities to avoid their critical points.

The new roof line required by the architect and client was not without its challenges. The original specification was not suitable on such a large scale, so our in-house roofing and cladding contractors (KGM Roofing) proposed an alternative which achieved the design requirements. Steelwork stubs were required for framing and, where these punched through the roof, particular attention to weather-proofing was required. The final roof solution is complex and required excellent workmanship to ensure its suitability and weather-tightness.

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Siemens Real Estate Ltd


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John Roberts Architects



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Project Completed

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We pride ourselves on providing a working environment which allows people to enjoy what they do, develop their skills and fulfill their potential. We have been in The Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to Work For list every year since 2004.

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