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LILAC Housing

LILAC Mutual Home Ownership Society Ltd

LILAC Housing

LILAC Mutual Home Ownership Society Ltd

The LILAC (Low Impact Living Affordable Community) project is a pioneering housing scheme to encourage living as lightly on the earth as possible; to address the need for affordable housing and to have a positive impact on the surrounding community.

A unique aspect of this development is the walls being formed from modular panels. Built in timber frames with 2.5 tonnes of locally sourced straw bales and a covering of lime render, the panels have an excellent flammability resistance and are designed and tested to withstand hurricanes and even earthquakes. This unique type of construction helps make the house so energy efficient that no conventional heating is required. Solar panels are used to generate electricity for the house and to supply car charging points. Any surplus power is exported to the National Grid.

There are three blocks of houses, with two houses per block, plus two blocks of flats making a total of 20 dwellings. A timber frame communal house, containing a laundry and dining room is designed to provide a social focus for the residents and where central BT comms are distributed wirelessly to all occupants.

Allotments were constructed within the first 7 weeks to enable the residents to plant vegetables and on the 28th of March 2013 the government’s self-build champion Kevin McCloud and Mark Prisk, Minister for Housing and Local Government, visited site and helped LILAC members plant their first new tree.

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LILAC Mutual Home Ownership Society Ltd


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White Design



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Project Completed

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