Strength in construction

Lindum was founded in 1956 (more on Our History)and has been partly employee-owned since 1994 (see Employee-Ownership). The business made a net profit of £6.25m on £186.2m sales in 2023, a net return of 3.35%. We deliver for our clients through the hard work of many people within and aligned to the business. The way in which we do what we do is important and we try very hard to carry out the small, medium and larger jobs with equal diligence, courtesy and good common sense.

Our modus operandi is to share any success we do have, firstly, with our 600+ employees (of which 500+ are shareholders) and secondly, to reinforce the trading business through replacement and/or new investment and finally, to strengthen our single trading balance sheet (more information at Our Structure). Our current balance sheet shows a £63.9m net asset value, with a strong cash position and no borrowing, giving confidence to customers that we are positioned to carry out what we promise.

Working across sectors and clients

Construction remains our primary business. We have a proven track record of delivering successful projects up to £20m in value, working predominantly across the East Midlands, Yorkshire and East Anglia regions from our offices in Lincoln, York and Peterborough; with private, public (see Frameworks) and third sector organisations.

Working regionally means that we can deliver works using our own employees, as well as our tried and tested local supply chain partners, with our managers able to visit sites regularly. This means more control and better quality for our clients. We very occasionally work further afield for repeat clients and if the project type allows. Many clients become loyal repeat customers.

People, Planet, Profit

Sustainability has always been important to us, and continues to be through our three pillars strategy: People, Planet and Profit (read more on Sustainability). We have a carbon reduction plan and a social value policy and are delivering on both via investments in new equipment, our fleet and our offices. On site, we’re investing in our temporary site cabins, and are aiming for more waste reduction from production. We work closely with our local communities, partnering with local charities, schools and environmental organisations to deliver social impact. We have apprenticeships and training programmes and have won numerous awards.