Mr John Chambers began the company, with Mrs Pauline Brown (pictured below) as the first office employee and who 32 years later went on to become Chair of the business. We had three skilled tradesmen and a dog named Shep.

From the very beginning, the philosophy of the company was set clearly towards practical skills and good relationships with clients, and this continues to this day.

The business expanded from civil engineering, primarily for water companies and industrial customers, to building and larger construction projects over the years, especially in the food manufacturing and retailing sectors, as well as education and social housing.

Today, Lindum employs around 600 people and has offices in Lincoln, Peterborough and York.

Chaired by the founder’s youngest son, David, Lindum is still very much a practical construction business, now with 12 trading divisions that operate in construction and construction related services.

Our success is demonstrated in our growing repeat business and our transparent approach to client relationships. We aim to make a fair profit, which is reinvested in the company, so that the balance sheet is strong and better able to withstand fluctuations in the market, which means that our clients and trading partners can have that added security in their dealings with us.