Sector Overview


We have completed more than 250 projects in the Food Sector, and can be relied upon to deliver building, extension and refurbishment projects on time, within budget and to a high standard.

Why choose Lindum?

We have built up expertise over many years, working with Geest in the 80s and 90s, and still count Bakkavor as one of our clients. We work for Morrisons across their supply chain, as well as Premier Foods, Two Sisters, Yorkshire Provender, Hain Daniels, Greggs the Baker, Masteroast Dalehead and Tulip to name a few.

All of our construction teams spend time working on Food projects, which means that we have strength and depth in every build team, cross-breed new ideas and technologies, and perform well in hybrid Food schemes particularly.

We, of course, focus on the client’s requirements from the outset, to deliver a building that delivers for them now and in the future.

Early Engagement

We can add the most value by getting involved early in the design process, when less has been set and there is an opportunity to look at the designs from a practical construction point of view, delivering cost efficiencies and savings, and a well designed building. This is true in all sectors, but especially true in Food, where Mechanical, Electric and Refrigeration can be 50% of the costs and changes to the design methodology can make a big cost difference.