Boston Police Station Upgrades

Client Name

Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire




15 Weeks



Project Overview

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Over the course of three years, Lindum has undertaken four projects which have focused on the refurbishment, alterations and upgrading of the main building and car parks associated with the Boston section of Lincolnshire Police.

Protecting frontline policing is a core priority for the blue light sector. Poor work environments can hinder efficient working practices; it is imperative that facilities to support service functions are suitable and do not become a distraction from service delivery.

Our BMS division undertook these works and were dedicated to providing a set of solutions to Lincolnshire Police that minimised disruption, supported greater levels of operational efficiency and, ultimately, delivered an environment that positively supported improved service delivery.

  • Work included:

    Window Replacements and Washroom
    • Replacement of windows by adding curtain
    walling around the building to modernise the
    • Roof overhang upgraded
    • Concrete repairs to the exterior along with the
    construction of a new disabled access ramp
    • New drainage solution
    • Refurbishment to male and female washroom
    facilities on all floors
    • Decoration of main corridors
    • General electrical and mechanical works
    These improvements provided long term
    efficiency savings for Lincolnshire Police with
    lower maintenance costs.
    Collisions Building Refurbishment
    • First floor conversion into an open plan area
    • Creation of two new offices
    • Window replacements with thermal upgrades
    • Mechanical and electrical upgrade
    Our work came within close proximity
    of secure data rooms and victim support
    rooms, therefore all personnel were
    individually vetted by police.
    Car Park Fencing
    • Design and installation of a new fencing
    solution to improve access and security
    arrangements surrounding the car park
    Car Park
    • Extension to front and rear car parks to create
    60 additional spaces
    • Erection of three metre fence to create secure
    prisoner compound
    • New ramp access