Bursar Primary Academy

Client Name

North East Lincolnshire Council




45 Weeks



Project Overview

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This project involved extensive refurbishment work so the building could be reopened as a school following eight years of closure.

A neighbouring school, which was home to 300 pupils was closing down. The remodelling of Matthew Humberstone created a school large enough to accommodate 600 children, allowing it to meet the need of the growing population.

The initial challenge was the different ages of construction within the structure. The front of the building was over 100 years old with the remainder of the building being 50 years later which required specialism from the team. They ensured that the historic features remained on the remodel including the Headmaster’s office which had Victorian features.

We had approximately 70 people on site every week. Within this we had 3 employees on site which were local to the area as well as well as local subcontractors. Local labour was also used as part of the project including Newby Leisure which helped with the soft play area located in the centre of the building. We have also continually had both a Site Manager and Assistant Manager on site due to the size of the project.

To help bring interest towards the project, Lindum welcomed visitors to the site, including the local council, old attendees of the school and students from the Grimsby Institute.