Bomber Command memorial

Client Name

Lincolnshire Bomber Command Memorial Trust




17 Weeks



Project Overview

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As a Lincolnshire-based construction company, Lindum Group was proud to be part of the project to create a lasting tribute in recognition and remembrance of all those who served with Bomber Command.

We created the Spire, which stands at 102feet tall (the wingspan of the Avro Lancaster) and measures 16 feet wide at the base (the overall width of a Lancaster wing).

Given the size of the structure, Lindum had to come up with a solution which would allow the Spire to be built off-site and assembled on location in Canwick Avenue.

We also had to ensure the materials we used would stand up to the elements, and spent six months carrying out extensive outdoor testing of steel samples.

The final product was delivered on two low-loaders before being carefully erected by expert engineers.

The 55 tonne structure took approximately six hours to set up and is now a visible landmark on the Lincolnshire skyline.

Being a local company, this unique project is of great interest to our employees as many have family connections with those who served with Bomber Command during the war.