• Construction company Lindum Group has appointed two new Chairmen
  • Freddie Chambers and Edward Chambers are now Co-Chairs after taking over from their father, David Chambers 
  • The move is part of the company’s ongoing succession planning process

Construction company Lindum Group says it’s ‘business as usual’ after appointing two new chairmen to lead its Executive Board.

Brothers Freddie and Edward Chambers moved from their previous roles as Directors of Lindum Group to become Co-Chairmen from April 2nd.

They took over from their father, David Chambers, who had been at the helm since 1991 and will remain as non-executive director of Lindum, which has offices in Lincoln, York and Peterborough.

Freddie and Edward have worked at Lindum since 2012 and 2013 respectively. They have been part of the Lindum family their entire lives, as the business was founded by their grandfather John F Chambers in 1956.


Freddie (far right) and Edward (centre) photographed with their father David, mother Sue and sister Katie in September 1998

Freddie and Edward will be supported by an experienced Executive Board as well as a strong team of divisional directors and employees.

Both brothers were keen to stress they would continue to lead with the same principles which have been at Lindum’s core for decades. This includes valuing practical work, common sense and teamwork while fostering a culture of tackling problems together and sharing successes with all employees.

Freddie said: “While this marks the next step in the Lindum future, it really will be, we hope, a case of ‘business as usual’ for our people, partners, and clients, whilst we focus on continuing to try to improve what we do and keeping competitive for clients, with a geography east of the M1 in the main.

“We run a family business, but the Lindum Family is a broad cross section of energetic people who have been with us, some for a short time and others longer, often with several generations of the same families, and we have always encouraged full involvement by every employee, as it makes such a difference to our service, the teamwork and the manner in which we deliver our work.

“What’s more, 500 of our 600 employees own shares in Lindum, which means that everyone has a direct share and interest in the future of the business. The difference really is our people!  In a sometimes-difficult industry, we try and look after our employees well, who then look after our clients.”

The brothers will share the duties of the Chairman role, as Co-Chairs, which include presiding over board meetings, representing Lindum in the community and leading the company’s strategy, as well as being jointly responsible for more operational CEO-type duties, such as business plans, trouble shooting and communications.

Edward added: “This announcement is part of the company’s ongoing succession planning process and will help, we believe, secure the future of Lindum as a good quality and local employer for another generation.

“Freddie and I are very lucky to have the support of a fantastic team of 600 people who want to do a good job for our customers and want Lindum to do well as a business. I’ve no doubt there will be plenty of advice coming our way!

“We also have a solid team of experienced directors around us who will help to ensure the transition is seamless.”

Lindum Group Executive Board, April 2024

As non-exec director, David Chambers will continue to attend board meetings and will maintain his involvement in a selection of projects, whilst visiting clients in general.

He said: “I am so pleased to be able to hand over the lead Chair role to such capable, honest and interested sons, who get on well and I am delighted we’ve got a really good team going forward.”

Previous Lindum Group chairmen include company founder John F Chambers and his former secretary Pauline Brown, who took over the role in 1988.