Lindum is celebrating more apprentice success, with bricklayer Luke Pettit graduating into a full time role with the Construction division.

Luke has now finished his two-year trainee apprenticeship in bricklaying and received his Level 2 diploma in Trowel Occupations Bricklaying at Lincoln College. He spent a year to get his Level 2 NVQ, then joined Lindum to complete his training.

Luke has been spending his time as an apprentice working with Lindum’s trusted subcontractor John Paul, working most recently with him on the foundations at the Claypole housing development near Newark.

John Levey, Lindum Group Apprentice Manager, said: “Luke has been doing a brilliant job across his two years and he has been a joy to work with.

“It is always a proud moment for me when I see the apprentices come to the end of their courses and are ready to take that next big step into the working world. It is also brilliant to see them enjoy their time here so much that they want to stay on and work full time with us.

“It is a testament to our ethos of looking after bright new talent and trying to bridge the current age gap that is still widening.”

Luke was previously working as a subcontractor for a year, before starting his apprenticeship but became frustrated with the uncertainty of work and job security. He said doing his apprenticeship was the best move for his career.

Luke said: “I’m very happy to have made the change from subcontractor to apprentice and thrilled to now be staying on with Lindum for the foreseeable future.

“Joining Lindum on a full time basis means I don’t have to worry anymore about when I’m going to be working next. Jobs are sometimes planned as far as a year in advance, so it takes all the worries and stress about the future away.

“I was also very aware that I had a lot to learn and the people at Lindum really took the time to teach me, which I probably wouldn’t have got as a subcontractor. Everyone there was always happy to help out and the communication was great, so I am very happy that I now get to stay on.”