Lindum has been recognised for its contribution to sustainability at an awards ceremony in North Kesteven.

The NKDC Building Excellence Awards were held in Sleaford to celebrate the quality of construction projects in the district over the past year.

At the event, a Lindum-built development of eight new council homes was crowned Social & Affordable Housing Scheme of the Year.

Windmill Gardens in Potterhanworth is a development of energy-efficient houses constructed to the internationally-recognised Passivhaus standard.

Passivhaus homes generally require about 75 per cent less heating than standard builds. This is because the homes achieve an extremely low level of air loss, which in turn ensures heat is retained inside.

Orientated to maximise the sun’s heat, with solar panels and battery storage, enhanced insulation and draught-proofing, and mechanical heat recovery; no boiler, air source or ground source pumps are required as the homes are so well insulated, the heat generated from the occupiers is sufficient.

The only requirement for conventional heating is a heated towel rail.

In addition, Lindum was given a special recognition award for its ongoing Contribution to Sustainability within construction. This acknowledged the way in which energy-saving solutions are integral to the design from the very outset.

In presenting the awards, Cllr Mark Smith, North Kesteven’s Executive Board Member with responsibility for the environment said: “Lindum BMS wholeheartedly embraced the strict performance requirements to meet the Passivhaus standard.

“Feedback from the Passivhaus inspector was exceptional, placing these advanced homes within the top 1% for air tightness in the UK. What emerged represents an example of what can be achieved through innovative thinking and exceptional foresight and engagement.”

Both awards came just days after the Local Government Chronical recognised North Kesteven’s wider approach to house building with the top award among all councils in its housing category.

This includes the ten Passivhauses built by Lindum in two separate schemes (2017 in Heckington and 2022 in Potter) and the CO2-sy homes build standard that ensures all new homes are built in a climate-conscious way to reduce both carbon impacts and heating costs.

Lindum Group director Richard Shaw said he was delighted to see the Windmill Gardens development being celebrated.

“We know that if we are to be a responsible construction company, we must be dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of both our daily operations and of the buildings we leave behind,” he said.

“It’s been great to work with NKDC, as it is also committed to tackling climate change and is prepared to invest in being a leader in the sustainable homes sector.

“Working together over many years has allowed us to navigate our way to best practice and we are really pleased to have helped bring forward new council houses that are net zero in operation and also cheaper to live in.”

After winning the local round of LABC awards, the scheme will now be entered for the regional heats, with a chance of winning a spot in the national finals in January 2024.