Lindum training manager Sara Hobson has become an official advocate of apprenticeships after being invited to join a network of Lincolnshire training ambassadors.

Sara was invited to join the group after demonstrating a continually high level of commitment, promoting and delivering apprenticeships during her career.

She now works with the other apprentice ambassadors to promote the value of the training schemes to employers. The regional ambassadors support the work of the national Apprenticeship Ambassador Network, which has been in existence for ten years.

Sara said: “I feel passionately about the value good apprenticeships can bring to both those on the course and the employers they are working for. Apprenticeships can be ideal for providing practical, hands-on experience and that is just the kind of training we require for the future of the construction industry.

“Apprenticeships have seen a great deal of change in the past few years and I felt that being on the network would give me a platform from which I can help to influence the service going forward.

“Business like ours are finding there are some challenges in delivering good training schemes – such as the Levy Payment and the shortage of quality, approved training providers. I hope that this role will allow me to lobby for a better deal for employers like Lindum while also allowing me to advocate the great benefits that come from taking on apprentices.”

The Lincolnshire Apprentice Ambassador Network is chaired by Michael Johnson, of training company LAGAT. Its main aim is to spearhead the drive to engage new employers to commit to apprenticeship delivery in England.

Ambassadors are chosen to join AAN because they demonstrate a high commitment to apprenticeships and/or traineeships in their own workforce, they have a high profile in their sector or geographical area and they represent a diverse range of employment sectors.

They undertake their ambassador role (on a voluntary basis) by supporting and influencing a wide range of key stakeholders including schools, colleges, local enterprise partnerships, employers and their supply chains, trade associations and employment bodies.

They champion and support marketing, publicity and events to raise awareness of apprenticeships and also mentor other employers.