Lindum Group has started work on a new children’s care home in Louth on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council.

The council is looking to create additional places in the county for children aged between 12-18 that require a safe place to stay. The project will involve the creation of a two-storey, six-bedroom traditional brick and block property, with PV solar panels on the roof to improve energy efficiency. The proposed building aims to appear as domestic as possible, providing a safe, homely feel.

The home will also include staff accommodation, a dining room, kitchen, and lounge. It will also be fully accessible for those with disabilities. In addition, the building will be fully soundproofed, with acoustic floor, ceiling, and panels under the roof.

The grounds will feature landscaped gardens, a new car park and a gated entrance, and will be protected by a six-foot fence. Lindum will also be taking on improvement works to the road lighting and bollards leading up to the house, benefitting both the children’s home and the nearby theatre.

Ron Adamson, Lindum Construction Manager said: “We are very happy to be able to deliver this very important project for the County Council that will make sure children in our local area have the support and care they need.

“The kids that will be living here could vary from those that need a place to stay for months, or those who just need a safe space for the night. The house will look like your everyday home, hopefully making the children feel more at home, but also lowering its profile. If people are in the area, they are more likely to just walk past the house and leave these kids in peace.”

Cllr Mrs Patricia Bradwell OBE, executive member for children’s services at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “Over the last few years, we’ve seen a rising number of young people needing care, so it’s important we have enough accommodation here in Lincolnshire for those who need it. To that end, the council has earmarked funding for the creation of two new children’s homes at sites in Louth and Lincoln.

“The new homes will provide high-quality facilities for children in care and will mean that fewer children will need to be placed in homes outside the county. This will ensure these children remain close to their local community and existing support networks, leading to better outcomes.”

The scheme will cost over £2m and is being jointly funded by the county council and the Department for Education. The works contract was awarded through Pagabo’s Medium Works Framework. The project will create 15 new jobs.

Tom Retallick, Framework Manager at Pagabo, said: “We’re delighted to be involved in such an influential project. This new care home will provide safety for children who need it most and it’s great that our Medium Works Framework was used to make this happen.”

The Louth home will be located behind the Riverhead Theatre, on the site of the former Pilgrim School. Work to demolish the existing building is due to start on 7 November, with the home expected to be completed in late summer 2023, with the first residents arriving in autumn 2023.