Saxilby Primary School

Client Name

Lincolnshire County Council


Saxilby, near Lincoln


25 Weeks



Project Overview

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Lindum completed a single storey classroom extension to provide three new classrooms at Saxilby Primary School. Refurbishment work to the existing school was also carried out to provide a new larger staff room.

All access to the new classroom building was DDA compliant with access ramps and handrails installed.

During the pre-construction phase we benefitted from our close working relationship with Nigel Smith Plumbing and Mechanical Services. This company assisted us on the design of the classroom building by using their expertise to ensure we met the requirements of Bulletin 101 (ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality required in schools).

During the planning stage we consulted Sports England to clarify the playground space that needed to be extended to offset the area lost by the new project.
Discussing it at an early stage ensured we could plan this work into the programme.

Site set up works which involved positioning the site cabins and containers as well as erecting heras fencing was completed out of school hours to avoid causing an impact on staff and children at the school. Once our work was segregated from the rest of the school the project was carried out during school hours.

Consideration was taken to reduce noisy activities where possible, ensuring that cutting works weren’t carried out during lesson times. The site manager met regularly with the senior management team at the school to ensure our work had the least amount of impact as possible.

A detailed traffic management plan was produced and submitted to the school. This plan was discussed and revised, incorporating the school’s knowledge and needs of how they use the site and the day to day traffic that occurs on the premises.